Question: What is the maximum number of projects that I allowed to participate in the competition?

You can participate in the competition with maximum 3 projects. However, you must fill a separate participation form for each project.

Question: Why do you want 3D source files of my project?

Scaled models maybe prepared for the projects winning awards or deemed worthy of being exhibited as a result of the competition. We request the model file in order to carry out the relevant work faster and healthier. This model is not required to cover all details and features of your design. You can prepare a simplified 3D file only by using the external view related surfaces necessary for a visual model.

Question: Are we going to design the turret and the weapon system?

The project must meet the requirements mentioned in the specifications only. It means that adaptation of any weapon system is not mandatory. However, if it is necessary within the design scenario created by you, you can use an existing or a different system.

Question: Is there any requirement for being mechanical engineering or industrial design graduate for being able to participate in the competition?

FNSS MILDESIGN 2019 competition is a competition open to all professionals over the age of 18 and university students of all departments.

Question: I am an undergraduate level university student. Is it possible for me to participate in professional category?

Yes you can participate.

Question: Doesn’t the vehicle has protection requirements and technical requirements like weight level, etc.?

Due that the vehicle usage scenario is also an important part of the project, we are not willing to restrict or direct the participants on this subject.

Question: Shall we design the vehicle manned or unmanned? Shall we be making a choice?

No. As already mentioned in the project specification, the vehicle must be designed for being suitable both for manned operation and remote controlled operation. This feature is one of the important dynamics that shall constitute the usage scenario and design of the vehicle.

Question: I have already completed my application, but do I have a chance to make any change within the remaining time?

In such a case, you may edit your project by yourself until Project submission close.

Question: Do we have to go into technical - mechanical details of the vehicle? The engine, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, etc. included in the project?

One of the detailing level subjects included among the evaluation criteria of the project is the mechanical solutions. However, this is not the only subject. An English brief conceptually integrative and consistent solution proposals are expected to be available in your projects.

Question: Are we going to make wheeled or tracked selection?

We do not have any restriction or guidance on this subject.

Question: Are we supposed to prepare the projects by using 3D drawing programs? Can we participate with Al drawings or 2D computer drawing?

During the project delivery, we request 3D model from you for preparing scaled model. Therefore, you must model your project with 3D design programs.

Question: What shall be the size of our digital posters, what shall their display size be?

Project presentation sheets must be 300dpi and in horizontal A3 format. During the evaluation stage, they shall be printed by us in A3 or A2 size.

Thus, the letters and images on the sheet must be on A3 size sheet and their size must be definitely readable and understandable.

Question: Which type of situational awareness, for instance, fightability capability to operate Remote Weapon Station?

Design concept should contain maximum situational awareness for the driver, commander and dismounts, when the vehicle is operated under armor. The aim of the requirement, is to expend awareness for drive safety and tactical situation.

Question: Is the vehicle will be equipped with electronic devices for being remotely manned and controlled.

Correct but more importantly to point out the advantages provided to the user and to the operational situations by remote control capability. This future must be explained with possible scenarios and fictional presentations.

Question: Is the height measured to Hull top? Width or without Armor protection?

Height need to be measured from ground (from tires/tracks/etc. touching the ground) to hull top with fixed amour, cupola and additional equipment a part of the base vehicle. (Turrets/RWS not included to top measurements)

Question: I am an academician in a university and with my students, I would like to apply for team participation. Please inform that, which category is suitable for our team?

  • Your team is allowed to join the competition in student or professional categories.
  • Any member is allowed to be selected as the team leader for professional category.
  • In student category team participation, the team leader can only be selected among the students.
  • Only one academic staff is allowed to join the team for student category team participation. In addition this academic staff, can only be included in the team as “consultant” status.